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Switzerland Registration

Switzerland organization founding, identical to Belize company registration, is encouraged for all the benefits which Switzerland Company has. There are two types of companies which can be registered in Switzerland which gives all the benefits of an offshore company. Switzerland offshore company registration can be done for the Switzerland Joint Stock Company or Corporation (AG) and the Switzerland Limited Liability Company (GmbH).

For Switzerland registration of the Limited Liability Company or GmbH the following documents must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies: Articles of Incorporation, Public Deed of Incorporation, the Consent to act as director form and the declaration form. The Public Deed must be notarized by a recognized Notary Practice in the jurisdiction and must contain the name of the Switzerland Company for approval by the authorities and the name of the persons to make up the board of Directors of the Switzerland Company. Switzerland offshore firm production, like Panama company registration, is done by the Swiss Registrar of Commerce.

The Articles of Incorporation for the Registration of a Switzerland Limited Liability company should have the following information:

  • The name of the Switzerland Company
  • The registered address of the Switzerland company
  • The business operations the company intends to undertake
  • The names and addresses of the company directors
  • The names and addresses of company managers
  • The authorized share capital of the company
  • The number of shares to be issued
  • The par value of shares issued
  • The types of shares to be issued
  • The rights, limitations and privileges of shares
  • Rules to be followed for shareholders’ meetings can also be stated
  • By-laws of the Switzerland company

The process for Switzerland company registration can take up to ten (10) days. It is important to choose a unique name for Switzerland Limited Liability registration which makes the process of Switzerland registration easier. Companies with name which have already been used will not be registered. Switzerland company name should not suggest any suggestions with the government in Switzerland and companies which have proposed names considered to be offensive will not be registered in Switzerland.

For Switzerland offshore registration of the GbmH Company just one (1) shareholder is need as well as one company directors. Company directors must be Swiss residents and corporate directors are not permitted by law. Taxation for this type of company depends on the Canton where it has been incorporated as each Swiss canton has its individual tax schemes.

For Incorporation of the Switzerland Corporation with the Registrar of Commerce in Switzerland the documents needed are Articles of Incorporation, Public Deed and Consent of Director. The information which is need for this type of Switzerland offshore company is the name of the company, names of company directors, and the authorized share capital, the number of shares to be issued and value of the shares and the bylaws of the company. The authorized share capital for this Switzerland company registrations stands at CHF 100,000. For Switzerland corporation formation a minimum of one shareholder and one director is needed.

The Switzerland registered offshore companies can do business within the jurisdiction. These offshore companies must have obtained the appropriate license from the authorities in Switzerland to carry out the following business operations after registration: banking, insurance, assurance, fund management and any other business activity which can be directly linked to banking or financial business.

Switzerland registration is easy to complete. Switzerland companies are supported by strict legislation which is well suited to modern times. Switzerland offshore companies are well suited to be used as trading companies. These companies can do its business anywhere in the world. Switzerland is well known for providing privacy and bA Switzerland offshore company benefits form this.

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