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Nevis Registration

The island of Nevis which is sister island to St Kitts is the northern Caribbean and has a population of approximately 12, 000 people. Nevis is an English speaking country and is also a very desired tourist destination in the Caribbean, in fact Nevis’s economy which once depended on the export of sugar has now turned to tourism. Nevis is a well known offshore jurisdiction and tax haven and of late its International Financial center has contributed tremendously to the island economy. The offshore services offered in Nevis are Nevis offshore banking, Nevis offshore firm production, identical to Panama company registration, Nevis multiform foundations, Nevis International Trusts, Nevis Limited Liability Company and other offshore services.

The offshore business companies registered in the jurisdiction of Nevis are excellent business companies with many benefits for shareholders/owners. The Nevis offshore business company for instance can do business anywhere in the world. The Nevis Limited Liability company too can do business worldwide and both types of offshore business companies benefit from tax exemptions in offshore Nevis. Nevis offshore company registration is an easy process which is completed in a matter of hours once the procedure is carefully followed and the right documents are filed with the Registrar of Companies in the offshore tax haven. The Registrar of Companies reviews the Nevis company documents and will go on to issue a Certificate of Incorporation if there are discrepancies with the documents.

For Nevis offshore company registration the first step is employing a registered agent in Nevis to carry out the duties of filing documents with the Registrar of Companies in offshore Nevis. Nevis company registration regulations clearly states that no Nevis offshore company will be registered in the tax haven without a Registered Agent. The nest step top Nevis offshore company registration is the predation of the Articles of Incorporation and Articles of Association which are submitted to the Registrar of Companies. The information to be included in the Nevis company registration documents are presented below.

  • The proposed name for the Nevis corporation
  • A signed statement saying that the Nevis offshore company is formed under the Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance
  • The name and address of the Nevis registered agent
  • The registered address of the Nevis offshore company
  • The objectives for forming the Nevis offshore company
  • The authorized share capital
  • The number of shares to be issued
  • The par value of the shares to be issued
  • The classes and types of shares which the Nevis offshore company intends to issue
  • The privileges, powers, rights and restrictions attached to very class of share must be stated
  • A statement declaring if bearer shares can be exchanged for registered shares or registered shares
  • The names and addresses of the first directors of the Nevis company
  • The names and addresses of the incorporators of the Nevis Company
  • The by-laws of the company

It must be noted that company name must be one that has not been used by another corporation in Nevis) and once registered the Nevis offshore company can only engaged in business that it was licensed to carry out upon registration.

There are many benefits of Nevis offshore company registration. All Nevis offshore companies are exempted from local Nevis Income tax and corporate taxes on incomes which the company has gained outside of Nevis. The Nevis Company will however be responsible for paying a registration fee and annual license renewal fees. Nevis offshore registration also results in full asset protection as provided for by Nevis offshore company regulations. The Nevis offshore company registration can be done by persons of any nationality and is very affordable.

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