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Gibraltar Registration

Gibraltar company launching, like Belize company registration, can be completed for the Gibraltar non-resident company which is also known as the Gibraltar offshore company. The Gibraltar offshore company can be registered as one of the following: an unlimited company, a company limited by guarantee authorized to issue shares or not and a company limited by shares.

Once registered the Gibraltar offshore company is a legal entity which must comply with regulations dictated by Gibraltar. A Gibraltar company registered as a non- resident company cannot undertake its business operations in Gibraltar or with residents of the offshore jurisdiction. Like wise to retain it non- residence status a Gibraltar offshore company cannot remit income or capital to Gibraltar. Failure to do this means that the Gibraltar offshore company can lose its no tax status.

For Gibraltar offshore registration a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association must be complete and submitted to the registering authorities in Gibraltar. The information which is required for firm production, similar to Panama company registration, in Gibraltar has been listed below.

  • The name of the Gibraltar company
  • The registered address of the company
  • The purpose for forming the offshore company
  • The names and addresses of the company shareholders
  • The names and addresses of the company directors
  • State if is a company limited by shares or guarantee
  • Gibraltar companies limited by guarantee must state that the members are responsible for contributing towards the debts of the company in case of
  • Companies with share capital must state the authorized share capital with which the company will be registered
  • The number of shares to be issued
  • The par value of the shares to be issued
  • The subscribers to the Memorandum must each sign their names to the document

For Gibraltar offshore registration the name of the Gibraltar Company must end with the word limited or its abbreviation ‘LTD”. The name of the company cannot be identical to one already used for incorporation in the jurisdiction. Gibraltar companies given names which the Registrar of Companies considers to be offensive will not be registered in the jurisdiction of Gibraltar. The following words cannot be used in Gibraltar company names unless permission has been sought and granted by the Minister of Finance: Chamber of Commerce, Insurance, Assurance, Investment fund, Imperial, Royal, Chartered, Municipal and Cooperative among others.

Regulations for Gibraltar offshore companies regulations state that one (1) company shareholders is needed for registration this person may be of any nationality. The company must have one company director. Company directors for Gibraltar exempt companies can be corporations or individuals and may not necessarily be residents of the jurisdiction of Gibraltar. Company legislation of Gibraltar states that a company secretary must be appointed by a Gibraltar offshore company. The company secretary can be of any nationality. Gibraltar company secretary can also be corporations according to Gibraltar companies legislation.

Gibraltar companies registered as limited companies are obligated by company laws to submitted annual financials statements with the local tax authorities in Gibraltar. A Gibraltar company which qualifies as small company can submit a balance sheet. Companies which qualify as small companies in Gibraltar are those which employ fifty (50) persons or less, Companies with annual profits below 4.8 pounds. This information will not be made available to the public.

Gibraltar company registration takes in one (1) working week. The documents for Gibraltar offshore company registrations can be submitted in English or any language which uses the Latin alphabet. Like many offshore jursidctions Gibraltar provides privacy and confidentiality for offshore company shareholders and offshore companies registered in the offshore jurisdiction. Gibraltar offshore companies have gained a very good reputation as trading companies.

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