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Dominica Registration

The Dominica offshore company is a very useful offshore company which can be registered in the offshore jurisdiction of Dominica. The Dominica offshore company has been registered since the early 90’s and continues to be an offshore business company which is in much demand. Dominica offshore company registration is at present being done by many efficient offshore service providers on the island. The process for Dominica offshore registration is a process which is realized in a very timely and professional manner.

Dominica offshore company registration is necessary if you are looking for an offshore company with a good reputation as well as a Dominica company which provides asset protection. The Dominica offshore company backed by very modern legislature which guarantees the Dominica offshore company tax exemption from all local forms of taxation for a twenty (20) year period beginning on the date of incorporation. Offshore legislature also provides protection from foreign legislation and the rulings of foreign courts.

Dominica offshore registration begins with employing a registered agent in the offshore jurisdiction. The laws regulating the formation of Dominica offshore companies make this a requirement. No Dominica offshore company will be incorporated if a registered agent is not used. The registered agent is an individual, solicitor or offshore service provider who have been granted the necessary license to operate as an offshore service provider by a government agency in the tax haven of Dominica. The role of the registered agent is to act as the local representative for the prospective owners of the Dominica Company. The registered agent prepares the paperwork for company formation.

Once a registered agent has been hired the next step to Dominica offshore companies registration s the preparation of incorporation documents; Memorandum, of Association and Articles of Incorporation. The Dominica International Business Companies Act has stipulated the information which must be stated in these documents. This information is listed below:

  • The proposed name of the Dominica offshore company
  • The name and address of the registered agent
  • The objectives for forming the offshore company
  • The authorized share capital of the offshore company
  • The number of shares to be issued by the offshore company
  • The types of shares to be issued
  • The rights, limitations and privileges attributed to each share of share
  • The names and addresses of the shareholders
  • The names and addresses of the directors
  • The by- laws of the offshore company

These documents are submitted to the Registrar of Companies in Dominica and if approved the Registrar office will issue the Dominica Company a Certificate of Incorporation making the company a legal entity.

Please bear in mind that for Dominica company registration companies with proposed names which are considered to be offensive will not be incorporated by the Registrar. Dominica offshore companies should not include the following words in the company name: Assurance, Insurance, Chamber of Commerce, Investment Fund, and Imperial, Reinsurance or any names which makes connections to the government of Dominica, political parties, the British Royal family or educational institutions.

Dominica offshore company registration is very affordable and can be completed within a twenty four (24) hour period. The owners of the Dominica offshore company must pay an incorporation fee and from then on an annual license fee must be paid for the offshore company. Once all the information is received from the shareholders of the Dominica offshore company offshore registration is completed quickly and certificates will be couriered back to company shareholders. Dominica offshore company registration can be done by persons of any nationality and Dominica offshore company shareholders are awarded privacy by legislation since their names do not appear on public records after offshore company registration.

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