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Anguilla Registration

The Anguilla offshore organization founding, similar to Panama company registration, is guided according to the laws of the Anguilla international Business Companies act which was passed in 2000 making it a fairly new piece of legislation. The Anguilla International Business Company or Anguilla IBC registered in Anguilla is an offshore company with many benefits. The Anguilla offshore company is prohibited from doing business locally. The Anguilla offshore company cannot do business with or n the behalf of residents of Anguilla. The Anguilla offshore registration process is quite simple and can be done in one working day.

The first step to securing and registering Anguilla offshore companies is hiring a registered agent to incorporate the Anguilla offshore company. There are many registered agents available in Anguilla and their main responsibility is to submit documents to the Registrar of Companies on behalf of the Anguilla offshore company. Anguilla offshore registration can only be realized by prospective company owners who are above the age of eighteen (18) who are not bankrupt and are of sound mind.

Anguilla offshore enterprise construction, like Seychelles company formation, requires the compilation of Articles of Incorporation which is submitted to the Registrar of Companies for revision. If the Registrar of companies is satisfied with the information submitted by the Anguilla Company a Certificate of Incorporation will be granted to the Anguilla offshore company making it a legal body. The Anguilla offshore company Articles of Incorporation must include the following information in order for Anguilla company registration to take place:

  • The name of the Anguilla offshore company
  • The name and address of the registered agent in Anguilla
  • The registered address of the offshore company
  • The authorized share capital
  • The number of shares to be issued by the company
  • They type of shares the company issues
  • Offshore companies issuing more than one type of share should state the privileges, limitations and restrictions attached to each type of shares
  • The type of business to be carried out by the offshore company
  • A statement declaring whether or not the company has rights to transfer shares
  • The names and addresses of the company shareholders
  • The names and addresses of the company directors
  • The by- laws of the company

The Anguilla offshore company must be sure to include one of the following words or its corresponding abbreviation in the company name for Anguilla offshore registration; Limited, Corporation, Sociedad Anomina, Société Anonyme, Incorporated, Sendirian Berhad. The Anguilla offshore company name must be unique for offshore incorporation to be realized in Anguilla. Companies with proposed names which already exist will not be incorporated. The Anguilla offshore company cannot include the following words as part of the company name; Insurance, Assurance, Chamber of Commerce, Invest Fund Management, any word to suggest patronage or connects with the British Royal Family, the Government of the United Kingdom and does not indicate connections with any political parties.

Anguilla company registration means taking advantage of many benefits which have been proposed in the Anguilla IBC Act. For example upon registration an Anguilla company will receive exemptions from local taxes including corporate taxes, income tax, inheritance tax, withholding tax and capital gains tax. The Anguilla offshore company has to pay a registration fee as well as an annual license renewal fee. Other benefits of Anguilla offshore company registration include asset protection and privacy for the offshore company shareholders.

Anguilla offshore company registration is not hard on the pockets and is done by many professionals in the offshore jurisdiction of Anguilla. The Anguilla offshore company is one of the best offshore companies found in the Caribbean and Anguilla as an offshore jurisdiction has earned a very good reputation over the years.

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